Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little something for the weekend...

It's raining again, must be Sunday. Looks like we'll be doing mostly brunch, laundry, puzzles and homework today, then.

I did manage to get the cabin-fevered girls out yesterday, though. We discovered a new children's theme park/play park that's just opened up outside of Béziers, Captain Frimousse. The difference between this one and all the other children themed places around here is that this one is inside, a concept that up until now has seemed slightly alien to the southern French. Plenty to do when the sun is shining, but not so much for a rainy day. I know the States and the UK are full of places like this, but you don't see too many down here in our neck of the woods.

This new place is in a converted wine domaine hangar and has trampolines, a luge slide, massive McDonalds-style play stuctures, giant legos, a dance floor and a motorized car track. Costs 8.50 euros to get in, parents are free, and you can buy drinks and snacks, too. I managed to stay 2 hours without the kids getting even remotely bored, so I'm thinking that since it's cheaper than a movie and it's open on Sundays and all bank and school holidays, we might just have found somewhere to go when it's not fine enough to go to the beach. It's nice to have some options.

Here's some more Sunday music for you. Number one on the charts this week, Magic System with Même Pas Fatigué.

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tammyps said...

Ooh, outside of Beziers. It's a bit far for me, but desperation can breed some serious will to drive in a mother...Thanks for writing about it as it might be just the thing for a rainy Saturday! They had more of these indoor play centers in Holland, as well, where bad weather is par for the course--in any season.

(This rather ambivalent spring is making us a little cranky and stir-crazy as well. Thanks to inadequate sun, the strawberries in our garden are all nice and big--but quite green.)