Sunday, March 29, 2009

La Journée de la Jupe (Skirt Day)...

Isabelle Adjani returned to the big screen last week with her new film, La Journée de la Jupe, directed by Jean-Claude Lilienfeld. The film showed on the French tv channel Arte, and then was released in cinemas last Wednesday.

Adjani is receiving good reviews for her role as a French teacher in a Parisian suburb high school who gets pushed to her limits and cracks one day, taking her class hostage after she accidentally shoots one of them in the leg. Much like the film Entre les Murs, the film deals with the current popular themes of racism, prejudices and social tension, but also focuses on sexism and the lack of respect between girls and boys. Adjani's character's personality is symbolized by her insistence on wearing a skirt as she fights against sexist insults and abuse.

Guns in the classroom, unfortunately, is an all too common occurrence these days, but this time it is the teacher who is demanding the attention with one. And with the difficulties teachers are facing all around the world with trying to keep discipline and respect in their classrooms, I'm sure there are a few teachers out there who have felt like cracking like this at some point in their careers.

It's not a pretty role but I think, as always, Isabelle Adjani has picked a character that makes people think, and it's nice to see her back on top form again.

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vicki archer said...

I shall look forward to seeing this - i always enjoy Isabel Adjani's performances, xv.