Friday, July 18, 2008

We are not a velo family.....

The Tour de France is passing in a village about 10 minutes from my village at 1.00 today. We aren't going to watch, although many of our friends are. We did watch one year when it went through Pezenas. Basically, you get there 2 hours early to snag a spot, then stand around catching the odd freebies that are thrown out by the sponsors, and then if you are very careful, you might actually catch the cyclists blow by you, in what is about a 30-second tornado of activity. Don't blink....

After the oldest little lady's great success on her bike recently, and the little incident that I'm sure I forgot to mention about me falling off my bike one morning out in the vines last week; I've decided maybe it's best if we stay away from bikes for awhile.

I've never been a great cyclist. In the same way that I have tried to like pastis as a drink because it's so French, it would be nice if I did enjoy cycling. But I don't. So I'm afraid the Tour de France is a little wasted on me, although I do appreciate the sporting effort required.

So we are off to the beach instead. Although I'm sure it would be quicker to follow behind the T de F today than to fight the hordes of traffic at the beach. It's times like these when it's handy to be on a bike.

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