Friday, May 29, 2009

It's officially summer...

Okay, maybe not officially, officially, but it certainly feels that way here.

Supposed to be in the high 80s today, so I'm off to the beach with some girlfriends, and then back to my house for a bbq, where we'll sit under the lit-up chestnut tree and possibly drink a bottle or two of chilled rosé.

My diary is starting to look like one long fête after another. This is what the next couple of months looks like at the Dukedom:

31st May- Fête du chèvre at the nearby farm in Mas Rolland, where the kids run around with the goats in the field while the adults feast on samples from the market stalls selling regional produce like goat's cheese, breads, olives, ham and possibly some wine.

6th June- Our annual Sevillana spectacle, which promises to be better (can hardly be worse...) than last year, and we've even have new, tailor-made flamenco skirts this year. Promise to post pics after.

14th June- My very first vide grenier (yard sale/garage sale/car boot sale, except it's set up throughout the entire village). I'm biting the bullet and setting up a stall at one of the nearby villages. I figure that the stuff that's been sitting in the barn for the last two years is probably stuff I can live without, and in this time of economic hardship, blah blah blah...

19th June- Our 11-year wedding anniversary, which we will spend watching our darling little ladies try to stay awake, I mean, perform in their end of year dance recital which starts at 8.30pm, after a whole day at school. Do you think a 4-year old is too young for Red Bull?

21st June- Nationwide Fête de la Musique, with live music pretty much everywhere, but hoping to be sitting outside our favorite restaurant listening to a little music, possibly drinking some wine and celebrating our anniversary.

27th June- End of school-year kermesse (carnival), where my day has been scheduled with military precision and includes things like preparing tabouleh in the morning, watching the school show, manning a giant pirate-themed bouncy castle, serving the village aperitif and then the evening meal where traditionally around 200 people come for a 4-course meal, possibly some wine and then dancing until 2am. Unfortunately, I don't like Red Bull...

3rd July- Last day of school! Looking forward to not having to be presentable at 8.20 am for a few weeks.

7th and 8th July- The Tour de France flies by, bringing with it a couple of cycling-mad friends who are coming to stay, which will mark the opening of the Dukedom's hostellerie.

14th July
- (See how easy it is for me to glide past the 4th of July now?) Bastille Day, which means village fête, dancing in the park, and possibly some wine.

20th July- Holiday! Not sure where or how, but maman needs a holiday, and this looks like the only week we can do it!

And then comes August, which normally means friends, family, beach, pool, hammock, wine and the realization that the entire country is on holiday, so there's no point trying to get anything done.

I feel knackered just looking at the diary, considering I'm supposed to be working all this time as well. Don't get me wrong, though, not complaining, just amazed at how busy summer is considering how laid back it usually feels. But then maybe that's the effect from all the wine...


carol b said...

Sounds perfect. Enjoy!

Betty C. said...

Sounds fun, but...this is such a busy time in France. If I wrote everything out, I think I would feel panicky!

Dedene said...

It's as if the whole of France wakes up in May and wants to party for 3 months.
We've been booked every weekend for several weeks. And next weekend is Mother's day.