Saturday, May 23, 2009

I know I'll sleep easier tonight...

The people of France should feel rest-assured that they are in the good hands of their efficient local police forces. No crime shall go unpunished, apparently, even if it involves a 6-year-old and his 10-year-old cousin and some 'stolen' bikes.

On Tuesday, 6(!) police officers waited outside the school gates in Floirac, near Bordeaux in southwest France, after a tip-off from a mother who claimed that she had seen the boys riding stolen bicycles. The police officers bundled the boys into police cars and took them to the local station, where they were interrogated for 2 hours about the bikes. Did I mention the kids were 6 and 10?

Have you ever tried to report a mugging or pickpocket incident in France? I've tried both in Paris and Cannes and the looks I got both times from the local police were like, 'Hey lady, do you mind? We got bigger fish to fry here.' So maybe I need to move to Floirac, where the biggest crime the police have to deal with there involves 1st graders and borrowed push bikes.

Can you imagine the drama? A swarm of officers waiting at the gates to haul away a 6-year-old for questioning. If it had been my 6-year-old, I would have kicked some serious ass. Not that I don't believe in disciplining a child if they have done something wrong, but I'm not sure a swat team was in order here. Maybe speak with the family first? Go to the child's home, maybe?

I don't know the official result of the 'investigation', but the various news channels are saying the 6-year-old borrowed his bike and the 10-year-old was given his as a gift. I seriously hope the police didn't get this tip-off from some bitter mother in the village who's son didn't make the rugby team. But even if the bikes were stolen, does the reaction fit the crime?

I guess I should feel happy in the knowledge that while in other parts of the world young kids are brandishing weapons and terrorizing neighborhoods as adults stand helplessly by, the country I've chosen to live in is taking the hard-ass approach, but seriously, can we get a little perspective here?

My 6-year-old little lady comes home from school almost every day with someone else's hairclip that she said was 'given' to her. I guess I better find out where the local police station is, just in case I have to go bail her out...


Anonymous said...

Get her a lawyer, too. This incident was so ridiculous. The gov't is taking some serious backlash about it.

poppy fields said...

Ha, I haven't watched the news all weekend, I've missed some serious crime!

Riana Lagarde said...

lmao at the photo you posted with this, hahahah!

ps your little one is 6 already!

The Duchess said...

Dedene, seriously, I don't know what I'd do in the situation, but I would feel compelled to do something!

Meredith, you probably had a better weekend for it!

Riana, nobody says competence quite like Roscoe P Coltrane!lol
Yes, six and a half already!