Monday, April 06, 2009

Puss in Boots...

It's school holidays once again (weren't they just on holiday?), so I'm on the hunt for something to amuse me darling little angels.

Maybe we'll check out this new French animated film that's been released just in time for the school holiday (funny, that.). La Véritable Histoire du Chat Botté is inspired by the 17th Century French author, Charles Perrault, who brought us Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood), La Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty), Cendrillon (Cinderella), La Barbe Bleue (Bluebeard) and Le Chat Botté (Puss in Boots).

Looks like the French are giving Dreamworks a run for their money.

1 comment:

Almost American said...

Oh dear, that trailer reminded me how bad my French is nowadays :-(

I wonder if they'll make an English language version of it? Probably not, more's the pity!