Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The annual sunglasses saga...

Been looking for a new pair of sunglasses recently. According to the Duke, my large sunglasses are so last season and that the Aviator is the way to go this year. (Don't ask me where he got this info, he's hardly a dedicated follower of fashion...). But I think he's probably right, so I'm on the lookout for some shades that don't make me look like a giant preying manthis.

Trawling through the internet, I came across this article in l'express which is about a new site that has been created which pays hommage to Alain Delon, the French actor who was once dubbed 'the male Brigitte Bardot'.

Michel Edda, the creator of the site, is posting a photo a day, for 365 days, of people wearing Alain Delon sunglasses. The subtitle of the site 'Everyone sees the world through the eyes of Alain Delon' explains the premise behind the idea, namely that everyone, from celebrities, writers, and musicians to accountants, florists, and cheesemakers can share in this commonality of seeing the world through the retro- hip sunglasses which bear the name of this French icon.

I have a love/hate relationship with sunglasses. I've worn contacts since I was 12 because I can't bear having something on my face. But because of the contact wearing, my eyes have become so light-sensitive over the years, I need to wear sunglasses constantly outside, particularly here in the south of France, where the light is so bright. I've always balked at spending any big amount on them, because I tend to lose them, or sit on them, on a regular basis.

I always admire other people's sunglasses, and usually the ones I really like are Prada or Gucci, or some other ridiculously expensive designer. I just know though, the minute I decide to splurge, they'll end up broken as one of the little ladies decides to see how far the frames will stretch.

So, alas, I'll probably never know what it's like to see the world through Alain Delon's eyes. Instead, in the end, I'll probably just go down to my local supermarket and choose from their not-so-designer, but much more affordable and expendable selection.


tammyps said...

I had to laugh.

Sitting next to me and the laptop are my new sunglasses. For the first time ever, I splashed out--really--on sunglasses. I also have a past of sitting on sunglasses, or leaving them in planes or hotel rooms. Prior to now, it was also always fun and above all cheap for me.

But there was also something a bit throwaway in my thinking too, I can't help but think.

Anyway, my girlfriend made me do it. Okay, not really, but she always looks sooo very good in hers, and what with seeing her again a while ago, and the weather now turning, it seemed the thing to do. And I had an hour to burn at the airport.

So now I have, yes, aviator-style glasses, by the ultra glam Tom Ford. With an ultra glam price. But as the heads turn compulsively, I become, for a moment, just a bit less Mommy.

The Duchess said...

Good for you, I bet they look great! Tom Ford in aviator glasses is a nice image to have in my head...lol
The problem with the aviators is that they look so flimsy. I'm sure my girls would make short work out of them!

carol b said...

hey, what's wrong with a cheap new pair every week or so?!

Dedene said...

Ha ha! I just had my old Vuarnets refurbished for this season. They are so out of fashion, that they are back in.
I hear retro glasses are very big this season.
Delon is so cool he makes me want to throw up.

Anonymous said...

with your beautiful blue eyes, try on a pair of polarized glasses. Just try on a pair. I used to have polarized glasses years ago, when they broke...or when the kids broke them ,I bought several pairs of cheap sunglasses in one years time. Just recently, I've tired of squinting all the time (even in sunglasses) so I splurged on a pair of polarized ones. Mmmmmmm. Relief. Does some funky stuff to my cell phone and car window, but I love the way the world looks.

--Lynn F

The Duchess said...

Lynn- no idea what the polarized ones are, guess I'll have to go check them out. Glad you are loving them!

Carol-nothing wrong with a cheap new pair every now and again, I wore a pair I bought in Rome for a tenner for almost 2 years...lol

Mom in High Heels said...

LOL. I popped over from....well, can't remember. My eyes are ultra light sensitive (apparently I have thin lenses) so I MUST wear sunglasses even in weak sunlight. I too love the Prada, Gucci and D&G, but cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money. I do have about 4 pair of Fossil though and I love them. My biggest issue with aviator glasses is that they have those little things that rest them on your nose. When I put them on top of my head, they get tangles in my hair and it causes all manner of problems. I must have solid frames so I can perch them jauntily on top of my head when I'm indoors.

Princess anne said...

That sounds fashionable, an aviator glass will give you a great looking. Though a simple Sunglasses
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