Friday, December 19, 2008

To grandfather's house we go...

I'm sure the trip would be much more enjoyable on a horse through the snow than on Ryanair, and I'd probably be able to take a bigger carry-on too, but nevermind.

We are off for two weeks in the UK, the girls and I are flying up and the Duke is driving up with the dogs. Not sure which one of us drew the shorter straw there.

The girls have had their Christmas meal at school, here was the menu:

Ballotine aux olives
Fricassee de dinde grand mere
Pommes noisette
Buche de Noel

The oldest little lady and I have danced in another Sevillana spectacle, Father Christmas has visited their classrooms, and their teachers have been given tins of homemade cookies. They are missing their Christmas show this afternoon, but all it consists of is a rather amateurish magician and ventriloquist (no Christmas school plays around here). I'm pretty sure the marvel that is a Ryanair flight before the holidays will be spectacle enough for them.

As long as I can manage to tear my 73-year old father in law off the computer from time to time, I should be able to post as normal. I'm sure you were all terribly worried about that.....

So, posts from the Twilight Zone coming soon.


A Work In Progress.. said...

Oh, I hope you have so much fun in the UK for Christmas...Another dream of mine! I hope in about 10 years we can do a family exchange for at least a year in the UK.

Also, I finished my Meme.

Merry Christmas! or don't they say Happy Christmas There?

Magic27 said...

Nah, we say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Christmas" coz we's is flexible...
And you're so lucky, Duchess, to be spending Christmas in the UK as it feels so much more Christmassy than here in France... Only one flat in our entire district has outdoor decorations (not us, nowhere to put them, but our upstairs neighbours have lights on their balcony), no one sends cards, no one does any baking... it just doesn't feel right!
Have a great time!

The Duchess said...

You are right, Magic, it does feel more Christmasy here in the UK, and it's the best time to come back. We are off to do our first grocery shop at Waitrose, and I always love getting all the stuff I can't get back in France- good strong cheddar, good wheat bread, scotch eggs, etc. Sad, I know....
But the Duke is bringing up some stuff from France too, like foie gras, good garlic, olive oil, wine and champagne!

poppy fields said...

I left some friends on a Ryan air flight out of Marseille on friday. They were going to Brest, but the next line over was London.