Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day...

It's Boxing Day here in the UK, and after living with an Englishman for 15 years, I still have no idea why it's called Boxing Day...

Apparently it's snowing like crazy back home in the south of France, and it's gloriously sunny here in England. That's just messed up. Although I have to say that the English countryside is beautiful this time of year, with the Malvern Hills off in the distance and the green landscape rolling all around us. We've been on some great walks and the littlest lady just can't get enough of stomping in all the cow pats in her wellies. I think that will be her best memory of this trip.

We went into town this morning to see what the sales were like. Not too busy anywhere, and had I had any energy left from my pre-Christmas shopping, I just might have found a bargain or two. But we've come back home now to do what should be done on the day after Christmas- eat, read, sleep, and go to the pub in the evening.

Hope you've all had a good Christmas and are enjoying all the leftovers!


marymarthaorme said...

Hi Rachelle!

My name is also Rachelle Atkins, I'm 35, a freelance writer and a married mother of two. My husband googled my name and came across yours. I am looking forward to a quiet moment to sit down and read your blog. Here is mine if you are interested:

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Rachelle Atkins

The Duchess said...

Hi Rachelle! Thanks for stopping by. Fancy that, there being two of us. lol I'll have to swing by and have a look at your blog. Nice to 'meet' you!

Magic27 said...

Just for your information - no snow AT ALL here in Montpellier (admittedly quite a way away from where you live, but the south of France all the same), just endless grey skies and RAIN. Not particularly cold (not cold at all those from the north of France would say), but not Christmassy either.
Have fun in Britain - we had a goodish Christmas here, but nothing special (chicken pox, bad backs, visiting mothers-in-law and crap weather put paid to that).
Happy 2009!