Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Books for the kids...

The ratio of English to French kids' books we have in our house is probably about 70:30, and that's really only because they both have an abonnement at school which means each month they are sent a new book, which they read and discuss in class and then get to bring home to keep. It's a good idea because the books are age-appropriate, and the stories are usually pretty well-written.

But I do think I need to be adding to these stories, only because I think it would be good to have a balance between the languages in the stories they get read at bedtime (and it's doing wonders for my French; these stories can have some pretty unusual vocab).

So here's a selection of books I'm going to order for the little ladies for xmas:

The Story of a dirty pig who falls madly in love with a very refined girl (sheep) and learns the value of good hygiene along the way. If you've met my 4-year old, you'll understand this choice. Apparently fou rire garanti.

Maxime is a boy, who likes to play with dolls, which of course makes him the butt of his friends' jokes. Never too early to get a bit of anti-sexist ideology into their heads, right?

Who can go wrong with a fantastical world of animals in poetry, particularly when it's Jacques Prévert's poetry and it's beautifully illustrated.

And if you are looking for a book on France in English, I would definitely recommend 'This is Paris', a beautifully illustrated book in a series of 'This is....' which covers lots of major cities. They were written and illustrated in the late 50's and have a great retro feel to them. My little ladies love it!


Isabelle said...

The books you picked up look fantastic!
I can advise you some very nice audio-books in French, which stories are being read by a French actress called Marlène Jobert.
She mixes a story with classical music, so kids have a fun story and a first approach to classical music as well.
Here is a link on amazon.fr, hopefully you can read it!


The Duchess said...

Thanks for the link, Isabelle! I will have a look.

La Belette Rouge said...

Great list of books. I, as you know, am kid free. But, I love "This is Paris" it is a beautifully illustrated book.