Friday, October 10, 2008

Les americains sont arrivés....

There's been a murmuring round the village the last few days. Whispers of 'The Americans are on their way' and 'I wonder what they'll be like' could be heard when passing the darkened cafe and busy bread shop.

Unlike the second world war, though, they arrived by bus and so far, haven't had to free the village from German soldiers.

My little village is twinned with a similarly little village, in of all places, Iowa, and the delegation of sister city Americans has arrived. They are dotted around the village, staying with various host families. They've been wined and dined in the last few days, been on day trips to Carcassone, Pont du Gard, Pézenas and the Roquefort cheese factory.

Tonight they will be treated to a Sévillana evening, including dance performances and paella. I wonder what they'll think when an American who went to university in Iowa stands up and introduces them to Spanish dancing.

Will they be confused by the fact that everyone in my dance group is Spanish, that we are doing a Spanish dance, that we are eating paella and that they are supposed to be visiting France?

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poppy fields said...

How fun! I used to live in Estherville, IA...I'm curious as to where your visitors are from.

But I bet they'll enjoy the entertainment even if it has a Spainish twist.