Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where in the world? Geography 101

An article today in the New York Times, Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?, talks about how author Susan Jacoby perceives Ameria's declining sense of culture. Here is an excerpt from the article, written by Patricia Cohen:

She pointed to a 2006 National Geographic poll that found nearly half of 18- to 24-year-olds don’t think it is necessary or important to know where countries in the news are located. So more than three years into the Iraq war, only 23 percent of those with some college could locate Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel on a map.

So I ask myself, could I approach a blanked out map and correctly identify where these four countries are located? I can if you can...... So tell me:

1. Which letter represents Iraq?

2. Iran?

3. Saudi Arabia?

4. Israel?

Full points and an honorable mention to anyone who can tell me the countries A-P.
And no cheating!


cara said...

ok, since no one eelse has done this, i'll give it a try.
1. h
2. b
3. a
4. f
i'm kind of sketchy about the Gulf countries, but i'll give the rest a try.
c is Turkey
d is Cyprus
e is Lebanon
g is Syria
i is Kuwait
j is ??
k is Qatar
l is United Arab Emirates
m is Oman
n is Yemen
o is Jordan
p is Egypt

of course i suppose i have unfair advantage as i have a History degree with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies, but that was ages ago. :) i just get so ticked off when people rag on Americans for their poor geography skills. the rest of the world is not that great at it either from what i've seen.

The Duchess said...

Well done, Cara! I have to admit that I didn't get all of the first four right, let alone the other countries. By the way, J is Bahrain. See, you always knew your degree would come in handy one day!lol