Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hmmm, which one......?

I've just read the horrible headlines of a mother in Texas hanging her 3 children, and then herself, and how this is only the most recent of 5 or 6 similar 'mother killing her children' cases in Texas within the last few years. I can't even contemplate.....

It almost put me off my late night chocolate. I'm sorry, but I've had a hard enough day, and that is not really the place I want my mind to be going right now.

So, I'd rather think about Ocean's Eleven, which was on last night, and although I've seen it several times, and the original with Sinatra, and Ocean's Twelve, I still love it. I know it isn't earth shatteringly brillant acting or directing, but it's terrific eye candy, and let's face it, every 34 year old who's been married for almost 10 years can use some of that every now and then. (The Duke has Kylie, in case you are wondering). But I'm having a bit of a difficult time choosing between the leading men, George, Brad and Andy. I mean, what if I really had to choose? It could happen..... Who would you choose?

See, this is a much better place for my mind to be at 10.00 at night. Shallow, I know, but I really have to stop reading news headlines before going to bed......

Do I really have to pick just one?


Gabrielle said...

I think I'd have to go George. Hey, why not? Ocean's 13 next week--yeeha!

African Girl said...

I saw the same story and couldn't believe it, couldn't imagine the shock when her sister discovered her and the kids. Thank God the little one survived, but what a traumatic life she might have! bless her. Noce blog you have here. If you get a chance, kindly look at ours on: www.girlfromafrica.blogspot.com and feel free to link it or pass it on. Your contribution will be appreciated greatly.
Kind regards,
A Girl from Africa